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Name: Gerald
Height: 6'4
Weight: 200
Top Sport Level: Professional Basketball Spanish League training camp invitee
Favorite Sport: Basketball, Bowling, & Soccer
Favorite Team: Lakers
University: Howard University
Degree: Information Systems
Work Experience: Deloitte Consulting, DuPont USA, Apple Inc, Redbox, & more.

Why 24/7Competition: The original idea of this app initially came to me while I was a walk-on in college, at first it was very pickup game focused... Now the goal is to give athletes a platform to connect with each other for any reason they would like to. As I continue my pursuit to reach the highest level there is in basketball, my user experiences and hands on understanding of technology will add to the innovation at 24/7 Competition.


Name: Wesley
Height: 5’11
Weight: 190
Top Sport Level: HS
Favorite Sport: Basketball & Soccer
Favorite Team: Knicks
University: Life and Institutions
Degree: JD/MBA
Work Experience: Intel, Care Innovations (GE-Intel JV), Promise & Potential LLC, GWBOT

Why 24/7Competition: Athletes are not commodities, they are people who are not defined by their athletic exploits – they need a space that challenges and supports them in sports and outside of sports.


Name: Patrick
Height: 6’3
Weight: 235
Top Sport Level: College
Favorite Sport: Football & Basketball
Favorite Team: Lakers & Redskins
University: Howard University
Degree: BS Chemical Engineering
Work Experience: US EPA, White House, A Better Chance

Why 24/7Competition: 24/7 Competition is more than a brand it's a mindset. Whether relating to the nuances of being a student athlete or grappling the complexities of life, we are always striving to be better. Our toughest competition is usually ourselves and 24/7 Competition helps provide tools to conquer.

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