#iCompete247 #AthletesUnited featuring Ademola Olatunji


  1. What motivates you, why do you compete? 

My motivation for playing varied throughout my playing career, from pop warner to collegiate. It has ranged from wanting to be a part of a team with a common goal,  camaraderie, a tool to better my life and others and just for pure enjoyment. As for the why I realized I like to succeed in all endeavors and I love competition. As they say, it breeds excellence.

  1. What makes you different from other athletes?   

Well no two athletes are the same; same as no to people are the same. What may set me apart is my focus and competitiveness.  A lot of great athletes possess these qualities, which would not make me feel different.


  1. What are your keys to success in training? Any particular techniques help you get to the next level?

The age-old adage of “hard work beats talent” is the key to success in training. Whatever work you put into any craft you’ll reap the benefits of it point blank. To get to the next level I would say playing multiple sports, being focused, and the willingness to do what others don’t want to do.

  1. Who is your number 1 Fan?

I’m my biggest fan – if you don’t believe in yourself then you cannot give another person a reason too.

  1. What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten?

That’s tough to say because I was really bad at taking advice. I would say my high school track coach told me point blank “if you want to be great than strive for 1st”.

  1. Any Pre-training or pre-game rituals?

My only pre-game ritual was listening to Ace Hood’s Starvation mixtape.

  1. Why does 24/7 Competition appeal to you?

I respect the idea of having a platform catered to athletes where there is a medium for younger athletes to help and learn from. I definitely don’t mind sharing my experiences to help others and in that same notation to learn myself.

  1. How did you overcome any major obstacles/Injuries?

It may sound silly and repetitive but believing in yourself and your capabilities allow you to overcome any obstacles. It’s pretty straightforward.

  1. What can you tell us about your current and future goals?

 Currently, I’m finishing up school. My future goal is being a young black professional that’s excelling in life. I still have professional football dreams that I’m pursuing but I’m not sacrificing one for the other.

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photos provided by Ademola Olatunji