#iCompete247 #AthletesUnited featuring Julien David


1.    What motivates you?  

Helping all of the people that don’t have.


2.    Why do you compete?

We are all beings of potential. Every time I compete, I maximize my potential by becoming my ultimate self. That’s what competing is all about. In turn, this teaches you not to fear greatness.

3.    What are your keys to success in training?

– The people you train with/the company you keep

– Developing mental strength to push past the physical restraints.

– Proper rest


4.    What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten?  

“It’s time we start learning from the future and not just our past. The one thing the future holds is the unknown, which tells the present that anything is possible.”

5.    What makes you different from other athletes?    

How much I love practice. Practice is another free day to improve whatever weakness you have. Practice is the time where you truly build bonds with your teammates and coaches. Practice is where you try all of those crazy ideas.  I love practice because it makes gameday a breeze.

6.     Why does 24/7 Competition appeal to you?

It offers unlimited exposure. It gives athletes the opportunity to expand and grow on all levels. Athletes can tend to be one-dimensional in regard to their game, style, knowledge, and overall point-of-view. 24/7 Competition is perfect for bringing that balance to any athlete.