#iCompete247 #AthletesUnited featuring Mo Williams


1. What motivates you?    

The fear of failure and knowing that someone out there is trying to dethrone me.


2.    Why do you compete?

My whole life has been a competition. I competed to gain my absentee father’s love and affection to no avail. So I used that anger to focus on every sport I played and finally when I got into bodybuilding I use it as fuel and fire.

3.    What are your keys to success in training?

I map out everything I do when I’m about to train. Every meal and movement with the weights serve a purpose.

4.    What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten?  

Try to become the perfect version of yourself daily.


5.    What makes you different from other athletes?    

My work ethic. I know a lot of people say that but every prep I start for a show always start with a conversation with my wife and a meditation session to get my mind to CONCENTRATE on the task at hand, NO DISTRACTION.

6.     Why does 24/7 Competition appeal to you?

THERE IS NO OFF-SEASON IN BODYBUILDING. It’s 24/7 and 365. No vacation from my sport.

Instagram: @IronKingMo