#iCompete247 #AthletesUnited featuring Sarah Brown


1. What motivates you, why do you compete?

I love the feeling of accomplishing a goal. Crossfit is designed that you can always improve on your best and continue to set higher goals for yourself.

2. What makes you different from other athletes?   

I was never the best at any sport I tried growing up, all the way through college. I was always naturally athletic which carried over to different sports, but none of them really fit. When I found Crossfit, it finally worked for me. I think because I found it later I get to enjoy that newness feeling as an adult which is refreshing when you’re in the gym for hours.


3.    What are your keys to success in training? Any particular techniques help you get to the next level?

Goal setting. I am very Type A when it comes to setting specific goals with completion dates. I like working towards something specific, it helps me to feel accomplished, even when it’s something small like don’t eat out all week.

4.    Who is your number 1 Fan?

I would say my mom. She has seen all of my ups and downs from finding my passion to having to wait for the right time to fully pursue them.

5.    What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten?  

It’s pretty simple but, “You might as well try.” I was recently in the midst of trying to decide between focusing on grad school while working full time or training for my first competition. It seemed like an either/or situation but a friend simply told me to try, try to do it all. If I failed in one area I’d know to scale back, but if I hit all my goals then I’d know I’m capable of more.

6.    Any Pre-training or pre-game rituals?

I probably have little quirks I don’t notice I do before a big lift, but I’d say music. Constant loud rap before an intense WOD is crucial to zone everything out.

7.Why does 24/7 Competition appeal to you?

I think an online forum for athletes is a great space to share information. I know I’m constantly looking for tips, new ideas or just need some extra motivation from fellow athletes I can relate to.

8. How did you overcome any major obstacles/injuries?

The universe has been in my favor, I haven’t had as much as an ankle sprain (yet). I’d attribute that to my many years of dance keeping me flexible and doing yoga regularly as active recovery. As for obstacles, I have to talk it out with my girls; the group chat always gives me the confidence I need when I’m not feeling it.

9.    What can you tell us about your current and future goals?

Currently my overall 2017 goals are to get into better competition shape which includes a lot more conditioning, sticking to my nutrition plan, and focusing on my weaknesses such as gymnastics movements. As for the future, I want to make it to the Crossfit Regionals Competition and get me Crossfit Level 1 and Crossfit Kids Certifications.

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Photos provided by Sarah Brown